The Foundation

Hungarian Culture and Heritage Society was established on 3rd of May, 2011 (Registered Charity Number: 1152984). Our aim is to support and preserve the Hungarian culture and heritage, furthermore promote the cultural heritage for the benefit of the Hungarian and European public. In line with our constitution we also support Hungarian communities in the UK to integrate and contribute to the wider society.


To advance Hungarian arts (and crafts), Hungarian culture and heritage for the public benefit in particular but not exclusively in London by:

(a)  undertaking annual programmes of traditional music and dance;

(b)  preserving Hungarian historical traditions through running and supporting festivals and country/folk dancing;

(c)  promoting and supporting artists, craftsmen and craftsmanship (including beading, embroidery and carving); and by

(d)  providing grants, items and services to individuals in need of assistance which would allow them to further the purposes of this association.


Erika Gyugyei
Secretary / Founder
and organiser of Family Day

Laszlo Sipos
Family Day Coordinator

Andrea Pal
Family Day project and 
programme manager

Betty Verbászi
Founder of Hungarian Reciters Association in England

Katalin Dobrotka
Social media representative

Boldizsar Acsai
Executive director
HUnique Ensemble Manager

Anita Dudas
Hunique Dance Group Leader and Choreographer



The Hungarian Culture and Heritage Society, and the H-Unique Dance Ensemble leadership on 2013 September 23rd decided to unite, continue to work together. The merger of the two organizations will be even more than one program, the they will promote the Hungarian culture in the UK much more.


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